Survey Party Chief 

Job Summary

The Party Chief will coordinate the activities of a field survey party and performs the technically complex field surveying duties.

Essential Functions

  • Party chief for field survey crews engaged in making plane and/or geodetic surveys for construction, topographic, right-of-way, and control survey projects.

  • Participate in pre-survey planning meetings with project team .

  • Assign and monitor work, and provides input for evaluation of members of field survey crew.

  • Instruct and train survey crew in survey and mapping methods, use of equipment, and field safety procedures.

  • Gather field survey data through use of conventional and Global Positioning System (GPS) methods: Set up, adjusts, and operates surveying equipment, including electronic total station, data collector, and GPS equipment, in order to measure distances, elevations, and angles.

  • Prepare field notes and drawings.

  • Perform field surveying for buildings, roadway, bridges, and flood control projects, including installing surveying construction stakes, tying out existing intersection ties, and locating or establishing vertical and horizontal control, right of way, monuments, corners, boundaries, and property lines.

  • Perform complex surveying calculations using engineering calculator, laptop computer.

  • Prepare finished grade sheets, topographic maps, records of survey, corner records, and other survey reports.

  • Research existing record information, including record maps, plans, deeds, easements, and right-of-way documents; and maintains field data records, survey project files, and indexing systems.


Required Skills & Experience

  • Knowledge of field surveying practices and techniques.

  • Knowledge of survey instruments, including electronic total station, data collector, network control stations, and GPS measuring equipment.

  • Knowledge of the laws, rules, and regulations regarding subdivisions of land, boundary locations, mapping, and surveying practices.

  • Good understanding of various DOT, Federal, State and local industry-related specifications

  • Good understanding of working safely and OSHA requirements

  • Preferred experience with Terramodel, Trimble Business Center, SCS900 and or Trimble Access and Trimble Earthworks

  • Minimum 3 years experience in similar positions .